January 23, 2018

Guest Blog written by Erin from Celebrate Play

Are you looking for ways to beat school holiday boredom, the sort of boredom that tends to kick in during the last couple of weeks of the big summer vacation and often leads to trouble? You and many other parents.  

At celebrateplay we aim to support parents, like you, in establishing a play routine based on organisation and planning that works for you and your family. And apart of that involves discovering new and innovative resources that will help create fun, engaging and meaningful play experiences for the early learners in your home.

One of our recent treasures was the Shapeeze Fine Motor Fun Activity Pad gifted to us by @EverbloomKids. And boy is it just that-fun!!

Let me share with you our initial reaction upon receiving it-wowsers with a big smile😀Why? Because at first glance we noticed it contained everything needed to complete the activities-🙌🏻 high five right there-because as busy Mums, having all the resources at our fingertips is just what we need.

We also noticed the text was written in NSW Foundation font-a bonus for us living in NSW. 

As we opened the pad we were greeted by an array of brightly coloured shapes, familiar objects, perforations and a short blurb of text with a suggested activity and additional development strategies. This was going to come in handy once we began getting our "fine motor fun" on. 

Shapeeze Fine Motor Fun  Shapeeze Fine Motor Fun Activity Pad

So let me share the 6 Shapeeze fine motor activity pad fun facts we discovered and how we have incorporated it in our play routine here at celebrateplay HQ. 

//FACT #1// 
•13 different designs on thick paper with perforations making the activity scissor free. 
//FUN FACT #2// 
•6 pages of upper/lower case letters and numbers ideal for spelling and handwriting practice. 
//FUN FACT #3// 
•this set is suitable for 4-7 year olds and there is a different set available 3-6 year olds.
//FUN FACT #4// 
•glue stick, pencils and a sharpener 
//FUN FACT #5// 
•no instructions making the activity one of self discovery
//FUN FACT #6// 

•ideal for travel with a carry handle and rear pouch

We have used this in our play routine in two different ways-an inclusion in our Daily Activity Tubs and as an Invitation to Play in our Play Based Learning Stations (PBLS). 

Daily Activity Tubs are packed with independent activities to be completed at set times of the day-usually during meal prep times. 

Invitation to Play describes one of the ways we set up play in our Play Based Learning Stations (PBLS) which is what we call our play system-it is how we set up play. It focuses on the physical layout of space, furniture and resources aswell as providing children with engaging, interest based and meaningful activities to play in.

Check out our Shapeeze fine motor fun Invitation to Play. 

An amazing resource right? Want to get your hands on one? SHOP HERE to purchase your very own set at www.everbloomkids.com.au

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About Erin
Erin from //celebrate play// is a busy mum of two, wife, Early Childhood and Primary Educator who is passionate about the importance of play based learning.