InaKids | Make a Face Magnetic Educational Activity Set

  • InaKids Magnetic Educational Activity Sets are the perfect educational toy for creative minds.

    Keep children busy creating crazy faces while teaching them basic facial anatomy with this easy to use magnetic educational game.

    Each box comes with a built-in magnetic story board that unfolds neatly from the lid. Children then use colorful, chunky magnetic pieces to create their own unique face or discover the world around them.

    Set includes 3 EVA sheets of magnetic pieces; plus a double-sided example card.

    Suitable for children 3 years old +

    These magnetic sets are guaranteed to keep children entertained for hours! Their compact format also makes them an ideal travel companion on long road trips and flights.

    This product may help to promote:

    Cognitive Skills
    Communication Skills
    Confidence & Self-Esteem
    Fine Motor Skills
    Listening Skills
    Literacy Skills
    Numeracy Skills
    Understanding of the World